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Rob Woods is the older of the two brothers and is a little more novice of the two. He caught his first fish on the fly a couple of years back and was hooked (pun intended) instantly. He’s been lucky enough in a few trips fly fishing to land rainbows over 3 lbs and pink salmon over 7 lbs and is learning to tie flies in the winter of 2011/12.Rob’s is also the father of 2 beautiful daughters who he is hoping catch the fishing bug. Outside of fishing Rob also enjoys, cooking and grilling, camping, and the outdoors. Rob is also an experienced internet marketer specializing in SEO. He’s the one responsible for most of this site so if anything is wrong, you can blame him…
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Pumpkin Head Damsel Fly Pattern

The Pumpkin Head was created by John Kent originally for fishing in Tunkwa Lake in BC, a highly productive but frequently low visibility lake. Originated as a damsel imitation this fly is a killer all around attractor pattern for searching a new lake or fishing when there is no specific hatch. Components: Hook: Size 10-12 Tiemco 2312 or 200R Thread: 8/0 Olive Tail: Medium Olive Marabou Body: Hareline's Krystal Dub Olive Hackle: Burnt Orange Grizzly … [Read more...]


Fly Fishing For Pinks

This was my first time fishing for salmon on the fly. We set up at the Mamquam River near Squamish, BC. The pinks were running. It was late Aug. The weather was hot and sunny but the river was running fast and muddy. We started with big casts letting the flies swing almost to shore before picking up and casting again. As the water was so fast we had up to 2-3 split shots to get down. One of us was using a type 6 and the other a floating line but both needed the extra … [Read more...]


Fenwick HMXF 8 wt Fly Rod – Product Review

I'll have to start by saying that this, and all our reviews are written from the point of view of a casual fly fisher. We aren't the guys out fishing every weekend (OK, maybe some months) or experienced guides. We're just regular guys who love fly fishing and tend to work on moderate budgets. You won't likely see many reviews of Sage or G. Loomis rods here. Having said that we can give an honest opinion on the effectiveness and ease of use of a pretty wide range of … [Read more...]


The Booby

    Originated by Gordon Fraser, a UK fly tier in the early 1980s The Booby fly pattern has rapidly gained popularity worldwide. It's certainly a non-traditional pattern and has an amazing bobbing and weaving action in the water. The pattern presented here is an attractor type patterns but any number of natural patterns can be tied with the bulbous eyes that give this fly its name. For those who are wondering, yes, the name Booby originated from the slightly … [Read more...]