Mrs. Bates

  Description: As a follow up to the last surf pattern, I added a white Palmer Chenille "apron" or "skirt" to the Mr. Bates Fly and created a similar but new surf perch pattern which we'll call the Mrs. Bates. Components: Name: Mrs. Bates Hook: Saltwater Gamakatsu SS15 Size 6 or Daiichi Xpoint X452 Size 6 Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 210, Fl Orange Body: Palmer Chenille by Wapsi in Med Orange and Palmer Chenille by Wapsi in Small Pearl Weight: … [Read more...]


Mr. Bates

    Description: I’ve been experimenting lately with a unique fly tying material called Palmer Chenille by Wapsi after learning of the glittery stuff from another fly tyer. I played around a while at the tying vise with this chenille in medium orange, and before long I developed a pattern for surf perch fishing that I believe is a keeper. Components: Name: Mr. Bates Hook: Saltwater Gamakatsu SS15 Size 6 or Daiichi Xpoint X452 Size 6 Thread: … [Read more...]


Targeting Big Trout with Streamer Flies

Inciting a Streamer Strike Streamer fishing is a well accepted means of targeting larger than average trout. The technique is often very visual and most experienced anglers are familiar with the common chase and no strike scenario. The chase is typically a territorial reaction, often accompanied by short strikes that never quite connect. While the chase is exciting, making a few minor adjustments can incite a committed grab.   Doubling Up Adding a second … [Read more...]


The Redd October

  Description: Simple, quick and unbelievably productive.  At first, I tied up this pattern using several materials but as time went on, I realized I could leave most of those materials out, helping me tie up more patterns in less time. Components: Name: Redd October Alt Names:  Bloodworm Hook: Mustad Signature C49S Thread: Black 8/O Body: Red Holographic Tinsel Rib: Gold Wire Thorax: Black 8/O Thread Weight: Gold Bead Tying … [Read more...]


Double Shamus Chironomid Fly Pattern

The Double Shamus was created by Dan the Irishman’s son, a school teacher from Kamloops, named Shamus Connely. This chironomid pattern is tied using a double tungsten bead. This particular chironomid can be tied in virtually any combination of popular body and ribbing materials. As you will see, this is more of a “style” of chironomid than a “pattern” or “recipe”. Components: Hook: Mustad C49S size 8 – 10 or Mustad C53S size 10 – 14 Thread: 8/0 body … [Read more...]


Pumpkin Head Damsel Fly Pattern

The Pumpkin Head was created by John Kent originally for fishing in Tunkwa Lake in BC, a highly productive but frequently low visibility lake. Originated as a damsel imitation this fly is a killer all around attractor pattern for searching a new lake or fishing when there is no specific hatch. Components: Hook: Size 10-12 Tiemco 2312 or 200R Thread: 8/0 Olive Tail: Medium Olive Marabou Body: Hareline's Krystal Dub Olive Hackle: Burnt Orange Grizzly … [Read more...]


The Booby

    Originated by Gordon Fraser, a UK fly tier in the early 1980s The Booby fly pattern has rapidly gained popularity worldwide. It's certainly a non-traditional pattern and has an amazing bobbing and weaving action in the water. The pattern presented here is an attractor type patterns but any number of natural patterns can be tied with the bulbous eyes that give this fly its name. For those who are wondering, yes, the name Booby originated from the slightly … [Read more...]