5 Unique Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

  Mosquitoes suck! Literally. The little blood suckers are not just an annoyance, mosquitoes can carry diseases and, at the least, will leave red welts all over your body. These bugs tend to be especially bad while fishing. Drawn to water, mosquitoes are always looking for a warm body to munch on. Unless you have a strong breeze, they will convene around you and ruin your fishing trip. While you could cover yourself in bug spray, there are plenty of other ways to … [Read more...]


Tips To Help With Fly Fishing Photography

  Some people will say that taking good shots of the catches you make depends on the camera you are using and it all comes down to the equipment. Others will tell you that it is up to the photographer. A professional photographer will tell you that you can have the most up to date camera with a great zoom lens and the ability to adjust the shutter speed and aperture in the way that you want, but if you don't know how to go about taking the shot then the camera is … [Read more...]


Tenkara Uses Simplistic Approach to Fly Fishing for Trout

Today's guest post comes to us from Larry Chandler. Larry is going to give us an introduction to the Tenkara method of fly fishing. People of the orient have often been depicted as calm, focused individuals in their pursuit of greatness.  Movies, books and legends often describe a man on a mission who has the utmost respect for himself and his adversary as he pushes on his struggle with honor and integrity.  The Tenkara method of fly fishing brings these same … [Read more...]


Fly Fishing For Pinks

This was my first time fishing for salmon on the fly. We set up at the Mamquam River near Squamish, BC. The pinks were running. It was late Aug. The weather was hot and sunny but the river was running fast and muddy. We started with big casts letting the flies swing almost to shore before picking up and casting again. As the water was so fast we had up to 2-3 split shots to get down. One of us was using a type 6 and the other a floating line but both needed the extra … [Read more...]


Effective Techniques for Fly Fishing

The most effective technique of fly-fishing is here; Practice! If disappointed with this homily like suggestion and you want to disagree as violently as a bass or trout at the end of the hook, that’s fine. But, ask around, you will find that practice alone has been perfecting men and women, since time immemorial. But then of course, to practice, you need a few basics to start with. The fly in fly-fishing is ‘copies of insects’ as Mary Orvis Marbury put it over a … [Read more...]