Double Shamus Chironomid Fly Pattern

double shamus chironomid fly recipe

Double Shamus Chironomid Fly

The Double Shamus was created by Dan the Irishman’s son, a school teacher from Kamloops, named Shamus Connely. This chironomid pattern is tied using a double tungsten bead. This particular chironomid can be tied in virtually any combination of popular body and ribbing materials. As you will see, this is more of a “style” of chironomid than a “pattern” or “recipe”.


Hook: Mustad C49S size 8 – 10 or Mustad C53S size 10 – 14

Thread: 8/0 body color.

Rib: Tyers choice. Fine wire or holographic flashabou.

Body: Tyers choice. Red to emulate a blood worm, silver flashabou if you’re tying a “Chromie”, black flashabou, etc… Other popular body colors include olive or lime green, shades of brown, or even grey.

Gills: (optional) White midge gill or antron yarn.

Thorax: Tyers choice. Tying thread or peacock herl.

Head: Two black tungsten beads.

Fishing Methods:

Fish this pattern as you would any other chironomid pattern. Under an indicator, with a floating line or fish vertically with the use of a sinking line. Use a static presentation or a very slow hand-twist retrieve when fishing this pattern. Suspend the pattern one-to-two feet off the bottom and experiment by moving the fly up a foot at a time until you find the “zone”. The chironomid can be fished throughout the open water season.


This pattern was introduced to me by Garry Elgear of Riverside Fly & Tackle. The first one that Garry twisted up for me had a holographic black body, peacock herl thorax and a fine red-wire rib and butt. Although usually tied with two black tungsten beads, I have experimented with combining different colors of bead. When tying a “Chromie” I combine a black and white bead. The white bead represents the “gills”. As always, I suggest tying this (or any) chironomid pattern as slim as possible and create a smooth, tapered body. The “key” to this pattern is the double tungsten bead head. Have fun with this pattern and experiment with it. We’d enjoy hearing what you come up with and how it worked for you! (We’ll be sure to pass your fish-tales on to Garry also).

Species Targeted: Rainbow trout

Creator: Shamus Connely, son of Dan the Irishman

Submitted by: Jeff Woods


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  1. Two weeks ago I was watching the bass gulp these 4″ beauties as they were laying their eggs. I had nothing that was similar enough to work. It was an awesome site to see. My wife was astounded!

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