Fly Fishing 101

Fly fishing has gained momentum these past few years. This kind of sport has attained the attention of the anglers all across the globe.  The sport is different in comparison to traditional fishing which is why it is essential to know the diverse techniques of fly fishing. It is considered as a very traditional and a relaxing sport. It consists of catching a fish using a hand-tied lure, or a fly. Moreover, it is fundamental to learn about the sport and the requirements needed before diving in. Enthusiasts are also required to get a license before they go fishing.

fly fishing on stream


This type of fishing is designed to catch trout, grayling, or salmon. Anglers can also catch a pike, bass, carp or even panfish with this method. On a side note, you can enjoy fly fishing if you have what you needed and the materials to make your sport more fun and enjoyable. With this kind of sport, having the right tools and gear is imperative. Here are some of the tools that you should have.

fly fishing equipment


  •           Fly Rod
  •           Spool
  •           Pliers
  •           Fly
  •           Pocket knife
  •           Rod
  •           Reel case
  •           Fly box
  •           Landing net
  •           Waders
  •           Non-slip feet attachment
  •           Fly fishing vest
  •           Hemostat
  •           Wading boots

Having those tools on board will ease the burden and challenge of fly fishing. Even beginners are aware of the importance of having the right gear before going fishing. The draws of fly fishing are varied and diverse. This sport offers the break to enjoy nature at its best. To see the beauty of nature is one of the raw perks of this sport. It is a relaxing sport that improves the mind and promotes a sense of well-being like no other. For those sports junkies out there, this sport also gives out a different kind of excitement, thrills and a good supply of adrenaline rush.

Given the complex process, this type of fishing technique is considered as one of the hardest, but the rewards of knowing how to fish like this are satisfying. Here are some of the guides and steps that you can use to fully enjoy fly fishing.

Know How to Cast

man casting fly rod


Knowing how to cast is important. The first thing that you need to do is to load your fly rod. Since fly rods are more flexible in comparison to the spinning rods, getting it right is vital. If you cannot sense the bending of the rod, it will not cast fully. It is also crucial that you release the right amount of line. You can ask help from your rod manufacturer regarding the specs and features of your rod as well as some assistance on finding the right amount of line that you need.

Grip Well

Your grip matters while you fish. You need to grip well in the same manner that you tighten your hold on to something to avoid falling. Your four fingers must be wrapped over the rod and your thumb should be on top.

Balance is the Key

This type of fishing is all about a balance. If you balance properly, it can be a rewarding experience for you. Remember that the weight of the rod is

The weight to be placed on the rod is dependent on the fishing location and the types of fish that you would want to catch. You also need to consider that the reel and the weight of the rod must be the same or equal so that you can have full balance. That being said, there are different kinds of reels that you can use. You can have the single turn, reel with gears or the auto reel instead.

Types of Flies

selection of fishing flies


Since this is fly fishing, you need to know the different types of flies that you can use. Here are some of the flies that you can use as you go fishing.

This type of fly depicts an image of aquatic bugs in its larval stage.

Looks like a drowned flying bug.

This type of fly is one of the most iconic types and it is suited if you want to catch a trout fish and in terms of effectiveness, it comes second to nymphs. However, it is important to use a heavier weight of tippet.

For fly fishing, the game is all about patience and getting the right gear. Being a decorative sport, whether you are a novice or an expert of fly fishing, it is a relaxing way to enjoy nature, catch a fish and bond with your family.

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