Mrs. Bates – Surf Fly Pattern

Mrs .Bates Surf Fly

Mrs .Bates Surf Fly


As a follow up to the last surf pattern, I added a white Palmer Chenille “apron” or “skirt” to the Mr. Bates Fly and created a similar but new surf perch pattern which we’ll call the Mrs. Bates.


Name: Mrs. Bates

Hook: Saltwater Gamakatsu SS15 Size 6 or Daiichi Xpoint X452 Size 6

Thread: UTC Ultra Thread 210, Fl Orange

Body: Palmer Chenille by Wapsi in Med Orange and Palmer Chenille by Wapsi in Small Pearl

Weight: Spirit River Real-Eyes Plus, 3/16” Nickel/Yellow or Nickel/Pearl

Tying Instructions:

1. Tightly wind around the eyes in a figure 8 fashion and behind the eyes to form a “backstop” for the eyes.

2. Once the eyes are secure on the hook, wind forward in front of the eyes to form a “rat nose”.

3. To secure the eyes so they won’t pivot on the shank in the surf, coat around the head and eyes with EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy®. Allow the epoxy to set for about 24 hours.

4. Tie a 3-4″ strand of orange chenille to the bend of the hook. Pull the strands of the chenille back towards the bend of the hook as you wrap the chenille forward finishing behind the eyes, leaving room for about 4 wraps of small pearl chenille.

5. Tie in a 2-3″ strand of the small pearl chenille in front of the orange chenille and wrap it tight against the eyes forming a “skirt” or “apron”.

6. Whip finish behind the eyes and apply CA glue to these wraps.

Fishing Methods:

Cast this fly well out into the surf and fish it like any perch/surf fly, stripping it along the bottom and keeping the line between the rod tip and the fly tight. I set on any grabs by the perch or hesitations in the retrieve.


This is the partner pattern to the Mr. Bates fly that I created. I named it the Mr. Bates after the area of the beach where I fish. The exit I take off the 101 Fwy. north of Ventura is called Bates Road. Thus the name.

As a follow up to the last surf pattern, I added a Pearl Palmer Chenille “apron” or “skirt” to the Mr. Bates Fly and created a new surf perch pattern.

Species Targeted: Surf perch

Fly Creator:


Submitted By: John Parmenter


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