The Redd October

Redd October Chironomid Fly Pattern


Simple, quick and unbelievably productive.  At first, I tied up this pattern using several materials but as time went on, I realized I could leave most of those materials out, helping me tie up more patterns in less time.


Name: Redd October
Alt Names:  Bloodworm
Hook: Mustad Signature C49S
Thread: Black 8/O
Body: Red Holographic Tinsel
Rib: Gold Wire
Thorax: Black 8/O Thread
Weight: Gold Bead

Tying Instructions:

1. Using a Mustad C49S hook, pinch the barb and place on the gold bead.
2. Tie in your 8/O thread just behind the bead.
3. Place the tip of the gold wire into the head of the bead and tie in down the side of the hook to the bend.
4. Making sure the tag of your red tinsel is the the length of the shaft, tie in the holographic tinsel and bring the thread up behind the bead.
5. Wrap the tinsel using close wrapping turns and tie off behind the bead making sure your wraps are taut.
6. Now wrap the gold wire forward and tie off just behind the bead. Using a twisting motion, break off the wire so there’s no tag left.
7. Using the black thread, form a small tapered thorax behind the bead head and whip finish.
8. Apply Sally Hanson’s Hard As Nails to add more shine and durability.

Fishing Methods:

Keeping your bloodworm pattern within a foot or two off any bottom structure is good strategy as bloodworms will not stray to far from home. Because midge larvae get around by squirming through the water, anglers should give good animation when retrieving their flies. An excellent retrieve when hung under an indicator is two very short but quick strips, then leaving the fly alone to settle back down for a period. This action seems to draw the attention of nearby feeding trout and will often result in hook-ups once the fly is either dropping back down or has settled back to a resting state. With that said, at times no movement is required at all and just leaving your presentation catatonic can produce well. Used as your point fly when nymphing streams has also produced well.

Species Targeted: Trout

Fly Creator:

Submitted By: Mike (Doc) Monteith

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