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Midge Nymph Fly Fishing Flies

photo credit: El Frito

Our goal is to build a great collection of all kinds of fly patterns! We are always looking for input from the fly fishing community. We’d love to see the patterns you’ve come up with or the old classics that are working for you. If you want to share your favorite fly patterns please use any or all the fields below as an easy way to upload them. If you have extra info or photos to upload please just let us know and we’ll let you know where to send them.

Pictures are awesome if you have them and beyond the fly recipe and how to tie the fly, if you have tips on how to fish the fly, where and when it was working for you, what species of fish it worked on, or any other info that you think your fellow fly fishers would like to know, we’d love to hear from you. Please make sure to let us know if you know who originated the fly so we can give proper credit where it’s due. If you have a blog, website, Twitter profile, or Facebook page you’d like us to link to as a way to give you credit for your submission, please let us know that too. We do ask that you not submit exact content from someone else’s website and if you are submitting a copy from your website please let us know and we’ll make sure we set up the page on our site so that your page is given the credit and shows up as the original content.

Thanks in advance for your participation! Happy fishing and tight lines!

Rob and Jeff

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